The 12 Best Fanny Packs for Travel

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Once you’ve gotten over the grumpy nickname, there’s a lot to appreciate about fanny packs or belt bags as they’re officially called. Makes life easier. Fanny packs are also more stylish than ever, so you’ll find one to suit your style and lifestyle.(See our recommendations if you need more carrying capacity.) . commuter backpack.) We asked the fashion and travel experts about their favorite packs.

butter soft bucket

Fanny packs often don’t fit many things, so if you find one that looks chic, you win When It can carry more than the necessities.of claire v. fanny pack It has a single streamlined compartment that fits below the hips, allowing you to wear it comfortably crossbody without major adjustments. Her director of New York Family Media and former fashion stylist, Donna Duarte-Ladd, has worn this leather her bag for the last four years on everything from school excursions to trips to France. rice field. “It looks and feels classy, ​​so people often ask me where it came from,” she says.

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Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack


Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack

Using 100% recycled fabric inside and outside, Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack A lightweight and portable organizer. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Pack your bags and leave, planning a surprise trip across the U.S.A pack with four color options helps her stay basic and “plus is comfy.”But the coolest feature? When not in use, it can be folded and stored in its own pocket.

Ultrasoft Outstanding

Zion Narrows Sherpa Fanny Pack

parks project

Zion Narrows Sherpa Fanny Pack

The Parks Project is known for its prints, This fun and funky fanny pack You won’t be disappointed. “Sherpas are not only very durable, but they’re also very soft,” says Amanda Sanchez Breton, designer of New York City-based outdoor retailer Outdoor His Lifestyle. mountains and islands“It’s definitely a non-traditional fabric choice for the bag, and that’s part of why I love this bag so much.” , It will not lose its shape even after washing.

classic workhorse

fanny pack

If you use your bag every day, you want something machine washable like recycled nylon. bagu fanny packDuarte-Ladd relied on this particular bag when she was styling fashion models on set and needed something that could be a mess. “I washed a lot,” she says. The two main compartments have plenty of room for your everyday essentials like phone, keys, work ID and dog poop bag.

stylish snack pack

Corp Trail 2 Waist Pack


Corp Trail 2 Waist Pack

If you’re looking for a reliable travel companion, consider water repellent. REI Corp Trail 2 Waist Pack. It’s lightweight, durable, and easy to clean, says New York City-based Trip Advisor, traveling with tesaI love that it’s made from recycled materials and has functional pockets.

statement splurge

Mini Attica Leather Belt Bag

Alexander Wang

Mini Attica Leather Belt Bag

If anyone can make a fanny pack look cool, it’s Alexander Wang. this leather bag It’s petite, but it’s packed with lots of edges and compartments, Levin says.Four zippered pockets hold “everything you need to get you out the door.”

petite and pop

14 hip pack


14 hip pack

There is a fine line between basic and boring, This streamlined belt bagRecommended by Style and Trend Experts Based in Westport, Connecticut Britney Levine, is the basic best. She loves that the pack comes in over 15 of her colors and prints, making it a great athleisure accessory as well as travel. “This is my go-to when I’m wearing all black and need a statement accessory,” she says. She also adds that her fans are Duarte-Ladd and that the 8 x 5.5 x 2.5 inch size means “something to wear when you don’t need a ton of luggage.”

mod neutral

ace fanny pack

Dagne Dover

ace fanny pack

The most recommended packs on our list are This neoprene essentialRafson praises its superior construction and sleek, streamlined design for looking seamless whether you’re running errands or going through security. Levine appreciates the ability to wipe clean. a lot When my son was born and I needed something that could get wet, I didn’t have to worry about who knew what,” she says. , the crowd favorite is Dune. “It’s soft, feminine, and works as a neutral,” adds Chataigne. Did I mention there’s a key clip and card holder inside? Yes, they’ve thought of it all.


vegan leather bag

With the growing need for parents to be hands-free, Hope Vegan Leather Bag It’s a stroke of fanny pack genius. At 11 x 4 x 6 inches, it’s big enough for a diaper and has a waterproof pocket for wipes, plus it includes a changing pad and hooks for hanging pacifiers and keys. But don’t just think of it as a parenting set. The childless Chataigne takes this bag with her on her trips to Ojai, California. On hikes in the mountains, it’s handy for holding a diary and pen, and “stylish enough to take to happy hour.”

excellent staples

anywhere belt bag


anywhere belt bag

think of lululemon anywhere belt bag Like a little black dress in a fanny pack. I am reporting that there are The zipper on the waist side is a favorite point because it can casually store credit cards and passports.

figure friendly picks

plus size fanny pack


plus size fanny pack

Chatigne is recommended for women with large busts This nylon belt bag Because it’s especially comfortable to wear as a crossbody if you have this body type. An ideal choice for those seeking the functionality of a fanny pack.

slim style setter

Juno Slim Hip Bag

At 10 inches wide and less than 1 inch deep, it is significantly longer and slimmer than other styles.Tumi’s Juno Conveniently positioned side clasps mean you don’t have to fumble from behind to get them on and off. It also has a key holder on the inside and a mesh pocket on the back, so it’s perfect for working out or running errands,” says Totengco, who prefers this style of crossbody.

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